London to The Boston Globe: Single-payer transformation would be complex in Mass
September 02, 2014
London to The Boston Globe: Single-payer transformation would be complex in Massachusetts

UMass Medical School health policy expert Katharine London, MS, part of the team developing the Vermont single-payer financing model, talked to The Boston Globe about the complexities of bringing that reform to Massachusetts.

Who We Are

The Center for Health Law and Economics at UMass Medical School is a sought-after partner among public agencies and foundations striving for health care system improvement and health policy analysis.

Our purpose -- to enrich and develop reform ideas and policies that enhance the coverage, quality, and affordability of care for vulnerable populations -- drives our work:

  • Analyzing new policies
  • Crafting laws and financing frameworks for reform
  • Designing new programs and purchasing strategies
  • Navigating complex legal parameters
  • Educating through reports and webcasts

We turn health reform ideas into reality.

Our Mission

We help health policy leaders transform ideas into reality.  We craft inventive and sustainable solutions to systemic challenges.  We are committed to creating a health care system that works for everyone.

Our Core Competencies

Interdisciplinary Approach - We integrate our expertise in health law, policy and economics to provide our public and private clients robust solutions, recommendations and program development services needed for a complex healthcare environment.

Policy Analytics and Architecture - We deliver the full range of analytics needed to develop and implement strong policies and programs.  Our team excels in analyzing data and interpreting results; creating payment, cost and financing models; and building legal and public engagement strategies.

Public Policy - Seasoned in public policy design and reform, our team can partner with government leaders and project teams to build new programs in the public sector.

Transformation Facilitation - We distill complex concepts and competing parameters into understandable choices.  We bring decision makers together with consumers and stakeholders to make policy that works.

Projects and Publications

May 29, 2014

The Center for Health Law and Economics team of Carol Gyurina, Kate Russell, and Robert Seifert were invited by theMassachusetts Medicaid Policy Institute to deliver two webinars and a presentation called MassHealth:  The Basics – Facts, Trends, and National Context.